Ladies beware, there are many men out there who will appear to be interested in you, but how can you tell the difference between the ones who really want to get to know you from the crafty ones who just want to get you into bed....

  1. He doesn't ask any questions about you. Other than, "What's the wildest thing you've ever done?" And other unimportant shallow questions.
  2. He's all over you WAY too soon.
  3. He makes sure the drinks keep coming.
  4. He calls last minute.
  5. He tries to get you over to his place as soon as possible.
  6. He doesn't respect your "no" the first time you say it. If you have to say "no" twice, get the hell out of there and don't look back.
  7. He won't make an effort to travel out of his way to see you.
  8. He won't make any original or special plans.
  9. He looks around the room (or over your shoulder) as your talking.
  10. He makes no attempt to have a deep or meaningful conversation.

In closing, these guys are often the cutest and the most charming. So we want to believe them, we want to trust them and sometimes we tell ourselves, "who cares, it's fun!" But is it really fun to be treated like an after thought or a toy? It's no fun when he doesn't call you anymore. So spot these guys and turn and run.

Sunday, 11 December 2011 21:38

Are you still single?

Don't you hate that question! Then you say, "Yes" and it's usually followed by a suspicious look followed by the question "why?" AWKWARD!

Well, how do you respond, wait..I already hem and haw and then finally just give them some BS excuse just to move the conversation along to another

So, between you and me....what is the answer? What seems to be keeping you from being in a loving and healthy relationship? Well, that is exactly why I wrote the book Stop Being a Bitch ad Get a you can finally get to the bottom of why a relationship eludes you. Here is an excerpt from the chapter called

Insecure Bitch

Coming soon to a theatre near you...

A horror story of epic proportions! When a beautiful girl with winning qualities is bitten by a mutant bug it plants a parasite in her brain. This particularly terrifying parasite eats away at the brain of the poor unsuspecting girl, and worse: the only way to keep the parasite from eating her alive is to feed it compliments and validation from poor, unfortunate, unsuspecting humans. The infected girl tries as hard as she can to avoid feeding on her friends and boyfriend, but before long, the parasite (more commonly known as insecurity) is growing and growing and GROWING! And as the insecurity grows, it gets HUNGRIER! The once wonderful girl is quickly transformed into a practically unrecognizable creature! BEWARE! It's the Insecure Bitch! She's running loose, and she's taking her friends and boyfriend hostage! She's feeding on their compliments and validation, and it won't be long before she's hungry for more! Her victims, meanwhile, are running scared!

YIKES! Unfortunately, for many girls, this is more than just a movieā€”it's real life. Could this crazed creature be you?


My new book Stop Being a Bitch and Get a Boyfriend is available on Amazon

Saturday, 21 March 2009 22:15

"Women Have a Shelf Life"

It boggles my mind at how many people walk around with a false sense of reality. Unbelieveable...and sad. I had a man yesterday, tell me about how women have a "shelf life" and this was from a man who said he was 49..and had clearly had a facelift and WAY too much botox! Good God! Or how about the woman who entered her info to be part of my database, said her age was 48...then showed up to my recent event....and was not a day under 60! Men in their 50's and 60's think it is reasonable to only want to date women 30 to 40. Well...I'm here to tell you better be RICH. Because there ain't no woman 30 to 40 looking for a man 50 to 60...unless he is going to upgrade her lifestyle, substantially. And women....the only reason most younger guys will date an older woman, is either they think she'll be an easy lay or she'll be their sugar momma. Here's another don't look younger when you get all of that crap done to your face. In fact, it makes you look look like an older person who's trying very hard to look young, except you really just look freakish.Do yourself a favor, keep it happy the way you are and get a grip on reality. What is most important is what is on the inside...and no amount of plastic surgery or lies will help you find love and happiness..if you're not happy with yourself anyway.