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Your Action Plan

Happy 20013!! It's a new year and this year you have the opportunity to achieve new goals. But, wait—before you make your list of "new goals", you should look back at your list from last year. Did you accomplish all of your goals from 2012? Well, I took a look my list from last year and while I actually accomplished some great things I had not even put on my list, I also didn't reach several of my goals that were on my list. And the reason was simple. Other than write them down and think about them from time to time. I took no action to try to reach them. And the only reason that I accomplished anything in 2012—is because of the action I did take. So, it all comes down to, DOING.

Thinking about something is the first step. Talking about something is another step, writing it down is another step, but they will be steps to nowhere if you don't have an action plan to actually make them happen.

Let's say "finding the one" is one of your goals for 2013. Well, how in the world can you make THAT happen? Here is an example of a possible action plan (if this was my goal).

I would think long and hard about the type of person I REALLY am and from there I would think about what I wanted most in a partner.

I would list my number one criteria that was an ABSOLUTE must have for me. (it could be: Super handsome, successful, smart, funny, athletic, an artist, a surfer.....(anything that a guy HAS to be—but only one)

Then I would write down 3 three things that I would like to have in common with him.

So (hypothetically) my list might look like this:

- Super Smart (must have)

- Nature lover

- Humanitarian

- Artist

You could put anything that is important to you.

O.K. now that I know what I'm looking for (notice I didn't mention appearance because to me it doesn't matter as much as the other things on my list—I also think it's unrealistic to say to the universe---he MUST look like this...). But, to each his own, so your list, is your list.

Then, I'd take an honest look at myself to see if I was the equal to what I was looking for in a mate---even ask friends their opinion or assessment of you (hopefully you can find someone who is willing and brave enough to be honest with you). Now armed and ready---it's time to go get that job! Ooopps, I mean---that man (or woman). Just as if you were going to find a job—you'd be VERY prepared, right? So, the same rule applies if your goal this year is to "find the one".

It's important that you feel good about yourself. I think this is the number one thing we don't think about when we are looking for a partner. We can't expect to "reel in" a great guy (or girl), if we aren't projecting great vibes. And by that, I mean: Confidence, happiness, love, and warmth. If we are going into the world bitter, jaded or judgmental---there is no way that we will find love and happiness. Like attracts like. So you have to BE the person that you want to ATTRACT. If he's fit—get fit—if he surf's---surf, if he's a humanitarian—be a humanitarian. And for men---again, if she's fit—get fit, if she's interesting, be interesting, etc. And if you're much older and you want much younger—get RICH! Very rich! LOL!

O.K.—joking aside, once you've feel like you are the best person you can be in all areas of your life and you're being realistic about the right match for you, you are now ready to go to the next phase: the actual search. Obviously people are everywhere, so you need to look your best everywhere you go, because you will NEVER get a second chance at a missed opportunity with that cute guy you just passed in the parking lot. If you can hire a stylist to take you shopping, do it. Just make sure you look and feel great—inside and out.

You look great and you feel great, so act like it! Turn your "cab light" on. Smile and make eye contact with everyone—especially that cutie that just walked passed you, parked next to you, or that's coming towards you. DO NOT look away. How the hell will that help? And if you really want to achieve your goal—say "hi". And make saying "yes" your motto this year. Want to go out? "Yes". Can I have your number? "Yes" Want to go to a party? "Yes". Keep saying "YES" this year to all offers that come your way. (Within reason, of course.)

Use any and all resources when it comes to your search. Use online dating sites, matchmakers, friends, groups---and going it alone is always a great way to meet new people. I always say: use any and all roads that are available to you. And to people who say: I believe in serendipity—"I won't be "proactive" because when it happens, it happens." To that, I say: Serendipity might be or a matchmaker or telling your friends "hey guys, this is the year I want to meet someone, so if you know of anyone great—set me up!" Those are the things that bring serendipitous results.

So if "finding the one" this year, is your goal, remember:

- Be proactive, open minded and determined.

- Make finding love your priority over anything else

- Truly believe it will happen

And it will. Use the same formula for ANY goal you have for yourself this year—be laser focused, keep your eye on the ball at all times and you will knock it out of the park!

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The Message That Never Gets Heard

Talk about frustrating. People are always asking for my advice and I love to help, but when my advice falls on deaf ears, it can be incredibly frustrating. Just imagine people armed with the advice they need, yet ignoring it completely, meanwhile continuing to get hurt over and over.

For example: "When should I sleep with him?" This is one of the most frequently asked questions and my answer to this question, is based on the many conversations I have had with my male clients. Ladies, do not sleep with a guy until you KNOW that you are in a REAL relationship with him. Otherwise, you run the risk of: A) Getting your feelings hurt B) Thinking he's a player. Women will ask me: "Is he a player?" and then they proceed to sleep with him right away! And let's be straight with each other ladies, it's usually us who are more of the aggressors. And the reason is this:

we think sleeping with a guy we like, will move the "relationship" along faster. And like I say in my book Stop Being a Bitch and Get a Boyfriend, we think our—Hoo Ha has magical powers and will transform that hot guy we just met, into our boyfriends. WRONG!

It doesn't work that way. In fact, it usually causes the implosion of what could have "turned into" a relationship had you not turned into the "Needy Bitch" when you didn't get the response you were hoping to get, when you slept with him. So, I guess, your Hoo Ha is magical in a sense, it will make him disappear!

Even I have been surprised to hear my male clients saying: "I didn't want to go that fast, but I felt pushed." Yep, from you ladies. I think a guy feels like he can't resist a woman's advances because she'll feel rejected and he will look like less of man.

So listen, I'm telling you...WAIT until you know you are really in a relationship with a good guy who treats you right and who's actions are consistent and dependable. Getting to know someone takes time. So why risk ruining it by rushing?

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Don't Waste Your Love on a Loser

There is a chapter in my book Stop Being a Bitch and Get a Boyfriend called: Dumb Bitch

And while that might seem harsh, I'm the first to admit, that I've been there and done that. That chapter was born out of the frustration that I feel when I see so many amazing women making really dumb decisions when it comes to love and dating. I get calls, I get emails and usually, it goes something like this:

Gina, I just can't leave him or Gina, I can't get over my ex....then followed by: he is very abusive, he wouldn't marry me, he has a very bad temper, he won't commit, he cheated, he is controlled by his mother, he can't keep a job....and the list goes on.

The two things on this list that really gets me fired up the most, is a woman who "can't leave or get over" the the guy who is abusive or a cheater! Listen up ladies, you are so LUCKY not to be stuck with that loser any more!! You should be thanking the heavens, doing an Irish jig and celebrating like a rock star. Do you know how many women (or men) NEVER get out of those situations?

Let me share a story with you about a guy I lived with years a go.

I LOVED him!!! We had great sex, great chemistry, and we were like two peas in a pod. A VERY dysfunctional pod, that is. He was very cute, very charming, perfect body (and body parts), he had great style and loved to cook out on our deck over looking the ocean. Sounds great right? Well, there are always two sides to every coin. And on the other side of this coin was a guy who when I met him, was in a relationship someone and he broke up with her to be with me. And I thought nothing of it, (I was 24 at the time and a little clueless) I just knew we had a magical connection, that was undeniable. So I went with it and chose to believe that he was a great guy. I ignored that first red flag and then there were other unattractive character traits that started to surface as we went along, but again, I chose to ignore them. In truth, he was mentally abusive, manipulative, irresponsible and completely selfish. However, those things didn't matter to me, because of all of the other great things about him: cute, charming, stylish, cool, sexy, fun. He had all of the superficial traits I was looking for, so I was willing to over look everything else. As many women before me had and as many women after me have continued to do. To make a long story short, eventually we were like oil and water and I'm not going to say it was all him, it takes two to tango. But it should not have shocked and devastated me when, while we were still living together, he broke up with me over the phone by telling me that he was moving in with another girl, and proceeded to have his friend break into our apartment when I wasn't home and move all of his things out. This is who he REALLY was and I knew that. I knew from the beginning he had broken up with the other girl for me and he did it in a cowardly fashion and I knew that every decision he ever made, was based on how it could benefit him. That is who he was, but that person is who I refused to see. Until he did it to me. Oh I cried and I cried and I even begged him to come back and in the months that followed I hung on to that mind trick: "But, I LOVE him".

Now, let me tell you the rest of the story. He moved in with the new girl, got her pregnant right away, then went on to have two kids with her, never married her and right after their second child was born he left her for another woman. How do I know this? Well, I stumbled upon her blog recently and she is a brilliant writer and often chronicles her struggles as a single mom who was left high and dry by a deadbeat and she blogs about her life and current struggles living in a shady part of Hollywood, with two kids, just trying to make ends meet. When I read her blog, I thought: that could have been me, it would have been me. But, thank God it's not. Yes, back in the 90's it took me several months to get over him, but once I did that was it. And I thank my lucky stars often. These days, I wouldn't even know him and he wouldn't know me, I'm light years away from that girl who though that I could transform a loser into a good guy.

So, what is the moral of the story? Well, there are several.

  1. NEVER over-look someone's character, even if they have a few redeeming traits, it doesn't ever trump someone's true character.
  2. Get out sooner rather than later, before it ruins your life.
  3. Just remember, you WILL get over him (or her) and I PROMISE, you will be so much happier down the road.
  4. A leopard cannot change his spots.
  5. A loser is just a loser no matter no matter how hopeful you are for their redemption.
  6. Being a dumb bitch only has to be a temporary situation.

Ladies beware, there are many men out there who will appear to be interested in you, but how can you tell the difference between the ones who really want to get to know you from the crafty ones who just want to get you into bed....

  1. He doesn't ask any questions about you. Other than, "What's the wildest thing you've ever done?" And other unimportant shallow questions.
  2. He's all over you WAY too soon.
  3. He makes sure the drinks keep coming.
  4. He calls last minute.
  5. He tries to get you over to his place as soon as possible.
  6. He doesn't respect your "no" the first time you say it. If you have to say "no" twice, get the hell out of there and don't look back.
  7. He won't make an effort to travel out of his way to see you.
  8. He won't make any original or special plans.
  9. He looks around the room (or over your shoulder) as your talking.
  10. He makes no attempt to have a deep or meaningful conversation.

In closing, these guys are often the cutest and the most charming. So we want to believe them, we want to trust them and sometimes we tell ourselves, "who cares, it's fun!" But is it really fun to be treated like an after thought or a toy? It's no fun when he doesn't call you anymore. So spot these guys and turn and run.

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Why Are Men So Angry?

Why Are Men So Angry?--reprinted from The Daily Beast

Men in their twenties and thirties are fed up with women, but author Kay Hymowitz says you can't blame them when women are demanding equality except when it comes to romance.

Men in their twenties and thirties are fed up with women, but author Kay Hymowitz says you can't blame them when women are demanding equality except when it comes to romance. Plus, Jessica Bennett on the modern male's identity crisis.

About a week ago, The Wall Street Journal published an excerpt of my new book, which argued that the new stage I call pre-adulthood—the twenties and early thirties—was not bringing out the best in single young men. Some men didn't like it. As in, "cancel-my-subscription-the-writer-should-contract-such-a-bad-case-of-carpel-tunnel-syndrome-she-never-writes-again" didn't like it.

1306027992702But a lot of the responses unwittingly proved my point—and another one: Men are really, really angry. Consider: "We're not STUCK in pre-adulthood, we choose it because there aren't any desirable American women. They've been bred to abuse men." This fairly typical response that appeared at the Seattle Post Intelligencer website: "Sorry ladies. In the age of PlayStation 3s, 24-hours-a-day sports channels, and free Internet porn, you are now obsolete. All that nagging, whining, and stealing our hard earned cash have finally caught up to you."

Shocked? I wasn t. During the last few years researching this age group, I've stumbled onto a powerful underground current of male bitterness that has nothing to do with outsourcing, the Mancession, or any of the other issues we usually associate with contemporary male discontent. No, this is bitterness from guys who find the young women they might have hoped to hang out with entitled, dishonest, self-involved, slutty, manipulative, shallow, controlling—and did I mention gold-digging?

Check out the websites like names like MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way),, or ("Give Modern Women the Husband They Deserve. None."). Or read popular bloggers like the pseudonymous Roissy, a ferociously caustic dissector of female "sluttiness" and "shit tests" (attempts to manipulate men). There are dozens upon dozens of gurus and counselors who publish posts like "42 Things Wrong With American Women" while chat forums ruminate over how "American Women Suck."

Women may want equality at the conference table and treadmill. But when it comes to sex and dating, they aren't so sure.

So, is this what Susan Faludi famously called the backlash? Is it immaturity, as my own book seems to suggest? Is it the Internet as an escape valve for decades of pent-up rebellion against political correctness? Or, is it just good, old-fashioned misogyny?

A bit of all of the above, probably. But there's another reason for these rants, one that is far less understood. Let's call it gender bait and switch. Never before in history have men been matched up with women who are so much their equal—socially, professionally, and sexually. By the time they reach their twenties, they have years of experience with women as equal competitors—in school, on soccer fields, and even in bed. They very reasonably assume that the women they are meeting at a bar or café or gym are after the same things they are: financial independence, career success, toned triceps, and sex.

That's the bait; here comes the switch. Women may want equality at the conference table and treadmill. But when it comes to sex and dating, they aren't so sure. The might hook up as freely as a Duke athlete. Or, they might want men to play Greatest Generation gentleman. Yes, they want men to pay for dinner, call for dates—a writer at the popular dating website The Frisky titled a recent piece "Call me and ask me out for a damn date!"—and open doors for them. A lot of men wonder: "WTF??!" Why should they do the asking? Why should they pay for dinner? After all, they are equals and in any case, the woman a guy is asking out probably has more cash in her pocket than he does; recent female graduates are making more than males in most large cities.

Sure, girls can—and do—ask guys out for dinner and pick up the check without missing a beat. Women can make that choice. Men say they have no choice. If they want a life, they have to ask women out on dates; they have to initiate conversations at bars and parties, they have to take the lead on sex. Women can take a Chinese menu approach to gender roles. They can be all "Let me pay for the movie tickets" on Friday nights, and "A single rose? That's it?" on Valentine's Day.


Manning Up: How the Rise of Women Has Turned Men Into Boys By Kay Hymowitz 248 pages. Basic Books. $25.99.

Far worse in the bait and switch category is women's stated preference for nice guys and actual attraction to bad boys. Now, clearly this is not true for all women. Many, maybe even most, want a guy with the sweetness of a Jimmy Stewart and sensitivity of Ashley Wilkes. But enough of them are partial to the Charlie Sheens of this world that one popular dating guru, David DeAngleo, lists "Being Too Much of a Nice Guy" as No. 1 in his "Ten Most Dangerous Mistakes Men Make With Women." At a website with the evocative name, ("Brutally honest dating advice for the cynical, bitter, and jaded," and sociological cousin of the most highly trafficked pages are those asking the question why women don't like good guys.

PlayStations and Internet porn? For a lot of guys, they seem like the better way.

Kay S. Hymowitz is the William E. Simon Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and a contributing editor of City Journal. Her new book is Manning Up.

"Stop Being a Bitch and Get a Boyfriend" is this year's most honest, straightforward and hilarious relationship advice book.

With years of experience working as a matchmaker for the most eligible bachelors around the world, relationship expert Gina Hendrix holds nothing back in her debut book, "Stop Being a Bitch and Get a Boyfriend" (ISBN 0615571999).

This dynamic relationship advice book lays out for its reader 16 different "bitches" – assigning tongue-in-cheek names to the various archetypal behavior categories that women who self-destruct in relationships tend to fall into. Everything from: the all business bitch to needy bitch to freaky bitch and beyond.

The book is laugh out loud funny and is structured around the question, "Which bitch are you?" and urges its reader to identify what she's been doing wrong. "The way the advice is given is very unique," Hendrix says. "I don't patronize or coddle; I deliver the straight scoop that women need to hear. But, I do it in a funny and real way, similar to what a close friend would want to say, but can't."

Straight scoop is certainly Hendrix's mantra. For each chapter or "bitch" that Hendrix introduces, she shares relevant real-life stories that she has encountered in her life and career. "These are the worst-case scenario versions of each of these destructive behaviors," says Hendrix, "I have seen women do some things that even I couldn't believe!"

Accompanying these anecdotes is a bounty of sound advice from Hendrix, who clearly has compassion for the women she's trying to help. Hendrix dispenses her words of wisdom in a way that is relatable, lively and funny, but is ultimately constructive, informative and very worthwhile.

"Stop Being a Bitch and Get a Boyfriend" is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Gina Hendrix is a highly regarded personal matchmaker. Her clients are some of the most eligible men in Hollywood and around the world. She is often regarded as the "Billionaire Matchmaker." Hendrix is the founder of Exclusive Introductions, an ultra premium matchmaking service located in Los Angeles. In addition to matchmaking, Hendrix has a weekly radio show called "Beyond Beautiful," where she has candid conversations with the world's most beautiful and intriguing women about life, love and the pursuit of happiness.


Gina Hendrix

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: (310) 293-9203



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Are you still single?

Don't you hate that question! Then you say, "Yes" and it's usually followed by a suspicious look followed by the question "why?" AWKWARD!

Well, how do you respond, wait..I already hem and haw and then finally just give them some BS excuse just to move the conversation along to another

So, between you and me....what is the answer? What seems to be keeping you from being in a loving and healthy relationship? Well, that is exactly why I wrote the book Stop Being a Bitch ad Get a you can finally get to the bottom of why a relationship eludes you. Here is an excerpt from the chapter called

Insecure Bitch

Coming soon to a theatre near you...

A horror story of epic proportions! When a beautiful girl with winning qualities is bitten by a mutant bug it plants a parasite in her brain. This particularly terrifying parasite eats away at the brain of the poor unsuspecting girl, and worse: the only way to keep the parasite from eating her alive is to feed it compliments and validation from poor, unfortunate, unsuspecting humans. The infected girl tries as hard as she can to avoid feeding on her friends and boyfriend, but before long, the parasite (more commonly known as insecurity) is growing and growing and GROWING! And as the insecurity grows, it gets HUNGRIER! The once wonderful girl is quickly transformed into a practically unrecognizable creature! BEWARE! It's the Insecure Bitch! She's running loose, and she's taking her friends and boyfriend hostage! She's feeding on their compliments and validation, and it won't be long before she's hungry for more! Her victims, meanwhile, are running scared!

YIKES! Unfortunately, for many girls, this is more than just a movie—it's real life. Could this crazed creature be you?


My new book Stop Being a Bitch and Get a Boyfriend is available on Amazon

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6 Surprising Libido Boosters

libidoI found this today on CNN and thought you might enjoy this news!( -- You've heard (and tried) it all before: down a dozen oysters, watch a marathon of sultry movies, get a couples massage.

Even if these usual turn-ons work for you, sooner or later they start to feel tired -- which may make you less likely to respond to them, says Irwin Goldstein, M.D., director of sexual medicine at Alvarado Hospital in San Diego.

Luckily, science has discovered a few more offbeat things that crank up your desire. Try one out tonight!

Scare yourself

Consider taking a surfing lesson together instead of a romantic walk on the beach. After being in an adrenaline-pumping situation (say, watching a suspenseful flick or going zip-lining), men and women find the opposite sex more alluring, suggests a study in the "Archives of Sexual Behavior."

"When you're doing something exciting, your heart is racing and your nervous system is activated, much like they would be if you were sexually aroused," explains Cindy Meston, Ph.D., the study's lead researcher and co-author of "Why Women Have Sex." Just don't use up all your energy riding the waves! The secret to hotter sex

Swap bubbly for red wine

Romantic dinner? Order a glass of Pinot Noir or other red wine: Women who drank a glass of red daily reported higher levels of sexual desire and vaginal lubrication, compared with those who sipped any kind of alcohol only occasionally or those who didn't drink at all, according to a study in the "Journal of Sexual Medicine."

Researchers suspect that red wine's high levels of polyphenols, a type of antioxidant, may help blood vessels widen, which can increase blood flow to key arousal areas. Stick to one glass, advises lead author Nicola Mondaini, M.D.; any more may extinguish your libido. 7 foods for better sex

Be a poser

Yoga does more than just get you limber -- it may boost your libido, too, suggests a review published in the "Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy." Getting your om on makes you more familiar with your body, which in turn can help you get more in touch with your sexuality.

While the report looked predominantly at women with sexual problems, "certainly anyone can benefit," says Lori Brotto, Ph.D., the lead author. Bonus: Yoga may also improve your orgasms by increasing blood flow down there. 10 best workouts for your sex life

Get hands-on

Locking fingers with your sweetie is, well, sweet -- but can it make you hot and bothered? Absolutely. "Even little acts of touching your partner release oxytocin, a hormone that may boost closeness and arousal," Goldstein says.

The trick is to be spontaneous, he adds. That out-of-the-blue excitement is what prompts your body to pump out oxytocin and other neurotransmitters related to sexual response, so choose unexpected times to get a little grabby. 28 days to a healthier relationship

See (him in) red

Turns out, your man wearing this fiery hue can put you in the mood, suggests a University of Rochester study. "Red is a signal of status and power, and that turns women on," explains psychology professor Andrew J. Elliot, Ph.D., lead author of the study.

So, crazy as it sounds, urge him to wear the red shirt on date night -- you may want to tear it off him before dessert.

Take a whiff

Chances are, the smell of a sweaty gym does not get you all worked up. But the scent of your man post-workout might do just that. Sniffing his sweat can increase your level of the stress hormone cortisol, which may boost arousal, reports a study in the Journal of Neuroscience.

Consider hitting the gym together (exercising has also been found to flip our switch), or just snuggle close when he walks in after his workout. Then hit the showers -- together.

Copyright Health Magazine 2010

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Don't Online Date That Guy

First let me say, online dating is great for most people. However, the majority of my clients prefer to keep their dating life anonymous and private, therefore they don't usually use online dating sites. As for me, I'm more like you. I work a lot, most of my friends are in relationships and I spend all day in front of the computer. So, naturally, online dating is an easy way for me to meet people whom might not normally cross my path. Unfortunately, the majority of the men I see online are men I would rather NOT ever cross paths with online or off.

That being said, I know there are really great, marriage-minded catches out there that are using online dating sites; you just have to know how to spot the keepers.

A great way to weed through the possibilities and move you one step closer to finding your love match is by scoping out profile photos. Of course, we all use these photos to decide which men to contact. However, I'm sure many of you simply look at the photo but don't see the whole picture. Some of these photos might seem appealing, but don't be fooled. A photo can help you determine which guy might love himself more than he could ever love you or who might not be exactly what he seems.

Here is a list of things to look for when perusing the photos:

  • Any man who is just too cute or too sexy: Avoid this guy or you will be in a long line with every other woman on the site. And he knows it! Why would a kid want to ever leave a candy store?
  • Any man who has his shirt off.
  • Posing and making cutesy or weird faces or just being too silly.
  • Too stylish.
  • Too perfect of a "headshot": Airbrushing and Photoshop can be very deceiving.
  • Too much of a bad boy.
  • An overgrown kid.
  • Photo resembles a mug shot or Wanted poster.
  • Any man who has 10, 12, or 20-something photos of himself.
  • His screen name can be a window to his psyche as well, so be ware.

Now, that we've gotten that out of the way. Here is what you should be looking for when you view the photos:

  • A guy with a genuine smile.
  • A guy who isn't trying too hard.
  • A guy who just looks like a regular guy—not a model, not an actor, not a bad boy, or a comedian, or James Bond.
  • A guy who isn't too put together, but not disheveled either. Just simple, not flashy or too cool.
  • A guy who only has two or three photos.
  • A guy who's photos might be a little out of focus, because he's just a regular guy who isn't that concerned with "perfect" photos.

Finally, a guy who looks too perfect or sounds too perfect is also looking for perfection in his lady. So chances are, even if you go out with him, he will be looking for any flaw and he will find it, because no one is perfect. Look for a guy who looks like a "good guy". Going for just the shiniest object on the page will prove to be a waste of time and energy.

Tuesday, 07 June 2011 22:29

God Bless Him for Trying..but...

Men, please read the following email sent to a woman (as a first email) on an online dating site. I truly feel bad for him, because he sounds like a good guy. Poor guy, he's just saying waaaay too much, it's all about him, it's clear he never even read her profile and it's obviously a "cut and paste" job that he sends out to every lady. So read his email below and take heed!

"nibbling on sponge cake...watching the sun bake....

"nibbling on sponge cake...watching the sun bake...all the tourists covered with oil"... 
that's me an island boy...just did a gig in Key West, Florida...singing tropical songs...
I'm Matt, my profession is an architecture, I'm a lead designer in a major LA architectural firm...
I'm what everyone calls a 'creative'. I'm a song writer, poet and artist. In fact all those three come out in my designs. smile. I'm putting together a benefit for a horse rescue late June so I'm working on the song list for the evening of wine, food and should be a lot of fun...talking to a lot of my musician and singer friends to volunteer for a good cause.

Driven but easy going...strange combination...most people just view the easy going part...but a lot gets accomplished this life is way too short to waste it. Have begun to show my paintings...just did a small show in Soho, NY. People were great and to paint people...very figurative in my art. Published my first two children's books last fall and they are now available on Amazon...funny my kids had no clue I was going to do a series of tales I used to tell them as kids. They had a bang when they found dedicated the book to them...they were tickled.

I've been other way to say it...5 gorgeous and talented grown kids...I love my my hobbies...  still I want to find that special someone to explore with and live this fun life.

Have fun this week...I am.

Dangerous Mistakes You Probably Make With Women

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