Gina Hendrix

Gina Hendrix is considered one of the top matchmakers in the industry.

Her clients are among the most eligible men in the world and she is often regarded as the “Billionaire or Celebrity Matchmaker”.

Launching Exclusive Introductions in 2008, Gina Hendrix has become known as not only a top matchmaker, but a highly trusted confidante to her high profile clients, a recognized relationship expert, author, radio host and a dedicated philanthropist.

Originally from Memphis Tennessee, Gina relocated to Los Angeles in 1989, yet she is still just as grounded and real while these days, being surrounded by Billionaires. That is also why she looks for women who have those genuine unaffected qualities that are personally so important to her.

Beautiful women aren’t hard to find—but Gina specializes in finding women who are truly one in a million. So, it takes someone with exceptional taste and intuition. And it requires someone dedicated to the client, understanding their needs and taste and then being willing to put in the necessary and extensive time and effort to find them. Which happens to be what Gina gets a true joy out of doing. And when she isn’t on the hunt for the perfect lady for her clients, Gina is a recognized relationship expert, author, radio host and dedicated philanthropist. And is an avid animal lover with 5 rescue dogs and one cat.