Summer Session–w Gina


Can I tell you a secret? The only reason, you haven’t found the guy you want to meet, is because of the excuses you make.

” But there are no quality men out there.” “But men don’t want to date a woman my age.” “But I don’t have the time.” “But I don’t need coaching.” “But if only I had access to the kind of man I want to meet, that’s really all I need and would solve my problem.”

Honestly, after being a Matchmaker and coaching women for 11 years, women usually think it’s just about the access- that if they only had access to the kind of man they wanted to meet that would solve their problem, however, that’s not actually the case. The type of man that women tell me over and over that they want to meet is always the SAME type of man, and that is the exact type of man EVERY woman wants to meet. And I’ve got news for you, the line for that guy is around the block! So what it really comes down to is, how do you stand out from the crowd? How do you find that guy? And how do you attract him?

Here is another SECRET……unless you live in a cave, you come in contact with the type of man you want to meet many times in a week (maybe many times a day)!!!

And for those of you who would love to have me set you up with one of my clients and you think you are ready and don’t need help, wrong again. 99% of the profiles I get from women are rarely ever good enough to get my guys to say YES. And many of you are AMAZING!! But, you just aren’t quite choosing the best photos or making yourself sound as great as you really are. Also, I ONLY work with 7/8 men ever at a time and everyone has their specific type. And my clients have the final say, not me. So if I’m not setting you up—for one reason or another you just aren’t a match for one of my clients right now–OR the client said no.

But I still have GREAT NEWS for you!!! You think you don’t have access to the men you want to meet—but already do! Everywhere you go.

However, if you’re not getting approached by men everywhere you go, then either you aren’t looking the part, acting the part, dressing the part, putting out the right energy and then saying the right things when the right opportunity arrives, so that you can get his attention, keep his attention and have him motivated to make a move to ask you out. You’ll pass him on the street or sit next to him in a restaurant over and over and over and nothing will happen.

Access is part of it, but as I said, you have access to men everywhere you are—but what you need to know (if you continue to be single) is how to attract him.

Did you know, the type of man you want is the type of man the majority of women are looking for too? Yep: Tall, fit, handsome, successful, and close to your own age. And as you get older, it gets EVEN MORE competitive for THAT GUY!

So, in order to be date ready for this guy you have to make sure you have:

  • The right look (whether in person or in photos, if you don’t have the right look, you won’t get many looks)
  • The right attitude (if you believe there are no good men out there, or they only want young women, what you believe you’ll receive–so what you think is what you’ll get when it comes to men and dating)
  • The right answers to the questions (do you know how to impress with without bragging or how to encourage him to ask you out without taking over or missing a perfect opportunity?) This is one of the BIGGEST ISSUES no one ever teaches women about men.

Then… still have to know where to find him, how to spot him in person or on the apps and then use the right strategies to make you REALLY stand out from the others.

If friends have told you, you look great, and you are great, yet everyone wonders why you’re still single–then the answer lies in what they aren’t telling you or what you aren’t aware of. To be your best and attract the right man, you need to step out of your head AND your inner circle’s opinion, so you can get a fresh and honest perspective (which is the REAL game changer).

SO—-if you meet the following criteria below, then sign up for the Summer session for my One on One program

This session starts on July 1st and space is limited to 10 women. It is a total of 6 weeks—4 weeks meeting with me weekly face to face (via video calls with me) and then 2 follow up weeks with check-in calls to let me know how it’s going. **Also space is limited to only 10 women, because not only am I giving one on one sessions weekly, I am also doing a private LiveStream each week during this Summer session for the group and this is where there will also be a live Q&A, this will be weekly for the entire 6 weeks. So, you’ll have tons of access to me and by the end of it—you will have a brand new look, outlook, perspective and the goal is to start attracting men EVERYWHERE you go!

Space is limited, so you must meet the following criteria:

*You must be open minded

*Ready for real change

*Willing to take action

*Willing to be ALL IN

*No buts, can be a part of this program