sunset"To be completely honest, when I first started working with Gina, I thought I knew it all and I didn’t think I needed any help. I had no problem meeting beautiful women, they just weren’t women I wanted for the long term. Gina changed all that. She helped me take a different approach and introduced me to the greatest woman I have ever met. Thank you!"

John K.

"Gina Hendrix is a person of great character and whose integrity cannot be compromised. As a matchmaker, she is sincere, honest and completely dedicated to all of the people she works with. She cares about all of her clients and she also cares about the women that she introduces to her clients. Her goal is to help people find true love. I am so glad to have met her."

Erin T.

hut"When I met you I thought I would never find love. But you changed all that! You've changed my style, which gave me more confidence. You planned the dates that you knew the girls would enjoy. You basically set it up so I couldn’t fail. You gave me a new out look on life and transformed my love life in ways I would have never imagined possible. Thank you."

Chris A.

"If I had known what a difference Gina would make in my life, I would have hired her a long time a go. The women I have met through Gina have not only been stunningly beautiful, but that are smart, kind and genuine, as well.” I just haven’t been able to find that combination on my own. I needed someone to search outside of my social circle and Gina has done a brilliant job. I’ve been seeing my girlfriend now for the past eight months and I’m pretty sure she’s the one."

Josh P.


"Gina it’s obvious that you love what you do and that you are completely dedicated to your clients.  I have met with other matchmakers before, but you stand out from the crowd, as someone who truly lives to help people find love and happiness. I can’t tell you what a difference you’ve made in my life."

Megan B.

"Thank you Gina! We just got engaged and I couldn’t wait to thank you and share our fantastic news. You said if anyone could find the right woman for me that it would be you and you were right. I have never loved anyone the way I love Shannon and I cannot wait to make her my wife. We owe it all to you."

Carter L.

jet"I just had to tell you thank you for introducing me to such an amazing man! He is by far the best guy I have ever dated since relocating to Los Angeles. I’m so glad you approached me at that event. I wasn’t sure about being introduced my a matchmaker, but you are very special and so down to earth you made me feel very comfortable. I had heard that there were no good men left, but they were wrong and YOU were right!"

Julie R.

"When my friend suggested I join your service, I wasn’t completely convinced that you would be able to find women that were different from the one’s I had met over and over again. But, I had to thank my friend and now I’m thanking you for introducing me to the woman who is now my wife and will be the mother to our child in two months. When I met her, I felt a connection with her that I had never felt before. It was meaningful and real. And the fact that she’s the most beautiful woman that I have ever laid eyes on, was only a bonus. You are the best!"

Peter J.


wed"Gina, the men I’ve met through you have all been exactly what you said they would be: handsome, smart, successful and true gentlemen. I told you when I met you, that I only wanted to meet men who were sophisticated, smart, worldly and handsome and that’s what you have delivered. Thank you."

Melissa G.

"Gina thanks for setting me up with Katie. She is by far the coolest and most beautiful girl I have ever met. She’s hot, she’s smart and she’s everything you’d said she was and more. I’m taking her to Fiji in two weeks, so I’ll let you know how it goes!"

Kevin R.